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‘Final Fantasy XV' Collaboration With 'Final Fantasy XIV' Can Happen Anytime Soon

Avid fans of the “Final Fantasy” franchise are asking for more even when Square Enix has already rolled out new updates for “Final Fantasy XIV”. One of the anticipated updates is a collaboration between the said online video game and the new “Final Fantasy XV”. As a matter of fact, director Naoki Yoshida has just revealed some details that fans would be really excited about it.


Patch 3.5 'Far Edge Of Fate' Arriving January 17

Fans of "Final Fantasy XIV" have a lot to look forward to this month, including a slew of new content for the game. The new goodies arriving to the game come in the form of Patch 3.5 titled "The Far Edge of Fate," arriving January 17. The new patch will feature the gamer's ability to explore Baelsar's Wall, which was previously off limits.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood sounds like the stuff of dreams

Final Fantasy XIV already gets a lot of credit for taking fans of the series back to simpler times, but I didn’t think Square Enix could out do themselves any further. Boy, was I wrong! With the 8 and 16-bit lore already extensively covered in the last two expansions, Stormblood is taking us back to Ivalice.


'Final Fantasy 14' Stormblood expansion in June 2017; Samurai class to follow Red Mage revelation

"Final Fantasy 14" expansion release date has been finally revealed during the annual "Final Fantasy XIV" Fan Fest in Tokyo. The 2017 "Stormblood" expansion is expected to include new job options, including the Red Mage another speculated mysterious Samuria class.

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